Kelly Bailey, as “Frankie Beans”Kelly Bailey

Kelly Bailey is native New Yorker but has grown quite fond of her new home, Chicago. She has done some very bad Off-Broadway plays, some tours to places in the U.S. you should steer clear of (NEVER go to Rome, Georgia for any reason), a Scooby-Doo Burger King commercial, lots of voice-overs, enough stand-up comedy to know it’s really hard, an episode of Sex and the City and a suspicious amount of Children’s Theater about “Outer-Space”.

Here in Chicago (before she got knocked up) she has worked with Drury Lane, Annoyance, Equity Library Theatre and The Free Associates. She thanks her husband Randal and their daughter Evelyn a.k.a “The Krakken” for teaching her about true love. They look forward to continuing to populate the world with future Democrats.

Benjamin Nelson, as “Benji”Benjamin Nelson

Benjamin is a Chicago native, and has been acting in and around the city since 1999. In January of 2003 he graduated from the Second City Conservatory Program. He has had the joy (or pain depending on the show) of being part of many improv shows, sketch comedy shows and plays across the fabric of society.

He has been featured in such shows as Wal*Martyr’s, Naughty by Nurture, Easy Clean Up, Improv Eliminator, the critically acclaimed Bombshell Catastrophe! and of course the masterful Hot Beans and Chuck and Hot Beans in Love. Benjamin is a Music Director at the Second City Training Center and has played for dozens of shows across Chicago. Benjamin thanks his wonderful wife Karen for letting him play on stage, and apologizes to his daughter Chloe for scaring her with his bad moustache. More about Benjamin: Tumblr, Facebook,, Twitter or WebSmartTV


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