Hot Beans in Love, the blog

Benjamin NelsonHello, Chicago! Benji Nelson here. Yep, that’s me off to the right looking pretty snazzy. There’s nothing like tight fittin’ jeans, white tennies and a snappy shirt over a turtle-neck.

Anywho, welcome to Hot Beans in Love, the blog! This is my first time bloggering, so hang in there as I’m still getting used to the Interweb. Frankie, my lovely wife, and I will try and post here a couple of times a week. We’ve got oh so much to say!

Of course the reason you are here is to learn all about our new show “Hot Beans in Love”! If you happen to use the MySpaces, then you can check us out there as well. This show is going to be a saucy mix of song, story telling, audience banter and more. Not much more, but a little bit more.

We love to chat with the “everyday people”, so leave a comment or a thought, and we’ll be sure to try and figure out how to reply.

Well, that’ll do it for now. I’m off to buy a sweater-vest.

– Benji Nelson


2 Responses to “Hot Beans in Love, the blog”

  1. 1 Annalise
    March 12, 2008 at 3:08 am

    Yay Beans! I will be there opening night. I find your striped shirt to be disappointing.

  2. 2 Annalise
    April 4, 2008 at 1:35 am

    Hooray again for Beans! Now that I’ve actually the show, my ‘hooray’ isn’t phoney. It’s 100% Grade A for realz. If you’re down – go see this show b/c you will laugh. No bias here. It’s worth it.

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